"It was certainly a fortunate day that I saw the advertisement in the Benalla Ensign directing me to Baker Writing Services. I took a chance and called Garry, whom I found warm, friendly and took an immediate liking to over the phone. I emailed him my daughters’ manuscript and the journey to publishing her book “Leafpaw’s Story – A New Beginning” has been nothing short of amazing. My daughter Jaimee is an extremely passionate young author, and Garry’s support of her endeavour has been wonderful. She has realised her dream of publishing her book at a young age (she’s 14) and the response has been fantastic. Since the book launch on May 4th we have sold 200 copies and have had another 100 printed. Garry’s guidance and gentle approach has been absolutely invaluable to us and to Jaimee during this time. He has certainly gone above and beyond our expectations as an editor/publisher and we would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you, Garry and Pat at Baker Writing Services. We would highly recommend Baker Writing Services to anyone wanting to self-publish, because Garry is extremely knowledgeable and supportive and will help you every step of the way."

- Lisa and Bruce Linke


"When I found out my book was getting published, I floated around the house for a week. Mum and Dad’s words- “Your book is getting published” – were the best words I had ever heard. I spoke with Mr Baker over the phone and we got on to the editing stage. He was always really supportive and thoughtful, and the editing was a really good experience. We emailed each other often, and I think I checked my emails more times each day than I had for five years! I would like to thank him and his wife, Pat, for their continuing guidance and support. I am really looking forward to working on the second book with him. Thank you Mr Baker for all your help!"

- Jaimee Linke


"On behalf of the Benalla Racing Club I wish to convey to you in writing our sincerest thanks and appreciation for your efforts and assistance in producing and launching oour book, The Benalla Racing Club Story"
Initially this book was commenced with no real plan but a lot of enthusiasm by our former club Secretary and Life Member, Allitt Robinson. The hours and dedication shown by Allitt in compiling the information of 150 years of history of the club was astounding. His interest in this is shown in the detail in the book. We were then faced with having a lot of information but unsure of then what to do.
The club was extremely fortunate to be provided with your name to discuss our options. With your guidance, suggestions and assistance, this information was then able to be put into a workable format and along with some photos present a good historical record of the club.
Your suggestion and work in interviewing and recording some personal stories from some of the people who have been involved in the club for a number of years, provided the book with more than a history, it brought a real human interest into the book. This has been commented on by everyone who has read the book.
Your efforts in producing the book were complimented by your assistance and contribution prior to and at the book launch. Your interviewing at the launch of the individuals included in the book was a highlight and displayed the interest and knowledge that you had taken during the compilation of the book. The feedback from the launch night has been very positive for the club with our Members very complimentary of the night, especially the interviews.
We are extremely grateful for how you assisted us in elevating this book from a great statistical document into an extremely interesting and entertaining book. Your excellent working relationship with Allitt Robinson was obvious and we thank you for your patience and guidance.
We are very proud of the end product and recognize the contribution you have made to this publication. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to other Race Clubs or organisations that are considering compiling history or similar books and are happy to be contacted if required.
Once again. Thank You.

- Greg McNulty, Benalla Racing Club President


"Many thanks to all who were involved in the editing and publishing of ‘Joe’s Journey’. Joe and I have received many complementary reports from family, friends and neighbours."

- Joe and Frances
(Garry Baker was editor of Joe’s Journey and co-ordinated design and publishing)


"Our family contacted Garry Baker to write the life story of George Hare. George is now 87 years old.
To say that we were overwhelmed by the result would be an understatement. The way the book was written, the attention to detail and the obvious research that went into the book was more than evident.
George Hare is my father-in-law and I know from discussions with him that he looked forward to Garry's fortnightly visits. He enjoyed "reliving" his life through Garry and by the genuine interest that Garry showed in what he was writing; it was evident to us all, that it wasn't just a job to him.
At times it was difficult for George to recall different events in his life but Garry handled this situation with compassion and patience. He became quite embroiled in George's story and the empathy that he felt was always appreciated.
The end result is now the published book "A Rough Ride" George Hare's story. We have sold 500 copies of the book in the time span of 3 months and the book is now into the 2nd edition.
The outcome of this whole exercise has been twofold. We have the life story of a remarkable man down in print and George has now been experiencing the benefits of visits from long lost relatives, phone calls from acquaintances from his past and many many letters of congratulations on the life that he has lived. In his twilight years there has been a spark rekindled and it is truly a wonderful thing to see.
I am so glad that we were fortunate enough to obtain the services of Garry Baker to write this book when we did. This was the second time that he had undertaken to write the life history of an individual and I am sure that his services will now be in great demand.
I wish him well and applaud the service that he is providing to record the lives and history of our older generation."

- Lorene Hare


"I have known Garry Baker for about two years. During this time he has been working as editor of the 'Pastoral Times' newspaper in the NSW regional centre of Deniliquin in the Riverina, Australia.
Garry was recommended to me when I was looking for an author to record the life history of my grandmother. This history culminated in the book 'Oma's Story'.
While Garry was writing this family history for me, he undertook many hours of research including travelling to interview family members.
During this time I found Garry to be sensitive and caring and quietly efficient with his craft.
Garry occasionally spent extra time when it was necessary to ensure the project was successfully completed.
Garry was happy to discuss 'book direction' and 'outcome' with me over the duration of the project and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for similar projects."

- Kevin Linton


"On behalf of Deniliquin Creative Writers, may I congratulate you on the publication of your book 'A Rough Ride - George Hare's Story'.
It is an excellent read, and once again proves remarkable people live in our community."

- Patty Clines, Secretary - Deniliquin Creative Writers